Apr 28 2008

From the “we don’t make this up” dept:

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Captain Rob Goza is the public relations officer for USAF’s “Mighty Eighth” division, which in turn serves as a manpower pool for USAF’s new Cyberspace Command. Goza’s recent “Air Force must put Hollywood out of a job” opinion piece is truly hilarious. Check it out at [this link] for a laugh. You’ll scratch your head in total disbelief at:

  • The unfocused ramblings;
  • The desire to replace one fictional movie character with thousands of real military personnel;
  • The declaration that “a worst-case cyber-attack scenario” is when the Air Force gets duped into doing the bad guys’ bidding, e.g. killing a U.S. citizen who is standing on a critical infrastructure right here on U.S. soil;
  • The illustrative segue that brings “Mighty Eighth” alumni Jimmy Stewart into the picture (literally);
  • The INcorrect quotation of USAF’s mission statement;
  • The failure to close a[n incorrect] quote;
  • The Frank Miller-esque photo with pulled quote…

This is what you get when a public relations dweeb thinks he’s a cyberspace pundit. Does anyone remember the old days when antivirus firms raised up their own PR folks as virus experts? Goza’s op-ed is so hilarious that I posted it in verbatim at HumorControl.org. (Memo to Capt Goza: it’s called “False Authority Syndrome.” Read [this link] to realize what you’re not.)

  • By FMJohnsonNo Gravatar, 16 July 2009 @ 3:37 pm

    ‘The illustrative segue that brings “Mighty Eighth” alumni Jimmy Stewart into the picture (literally);’

    Even worse, Jimmy Stewart wasn’t in “North by Northwest”; that was Cary Grant.

  • By Rob RosenbergerNo Gravatar, 16 July 2009 @ 4:11 pm

    Amazing catch, FMJohnson! Yet another reason for Rob Goza to wince… I wish I’d caught that error myself.

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