Aug 10 2009

“Lord AFB” on the horizon?

"Someday they're going to name a base after a comm hero..."
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I hereby claim I made up everything in this column. Everything. It’s the only way I can satisfy the paranoia of my totally fictional USAF source.

So anyway, my totally fictional source told me a cute story. “I work at a comm[unications] unit” stationed in a fictional overseas country “and we all showed up for commander’s call.” His fictional Lt Colonel took the stage. Like many fictional commanders, he likes to give pep talks to his fictional troops.

“What we do here in cyberspace will reverberate throughout history,” the fictional commander told his fictional audience. “Someday they’re going to name a base after a comm[unications] hero,” he insisted.

A fictional person sitting behind my fictional source blurted out with “is that before or after we name bases for all the guys who walked on the moon?”

Again, I insist I made up everything in this column. A total work of fiction. Any similarity to any commander living or dead is purely coincidental.