Sep 06 2010

Snoop Dogg’s “Hack Is Whack” contest

Bro, you gotta dump tha Symantec gig an' get some LIGATT!
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Snoop Dogg! What up, ‘cuz? My ears hear you lost some of yo’ infosec cred when a bunch’a whack dudes ironically hacky sacked yo’ “Hack Is Whack” website.

Whoever did this is whack, y’all hearin’ me? Probably some mo’fo from tha East Coast swingin’ hiz crotch around like he own all the grrls at tha club or sumpthin’. I bet the kid got paid by another DJ to do a hit and run, get it done, get tha funds, split and run. Fo’shure!

Check out the rap video Rob Rosenberger made for the Hack Is Whack contest!

Check out Rob Rosenberger's rap video for Snoop Dogg's 'Hack Is Whack' contest!

Ya see, Snoop, that’s what you get for trusting yo’ security detail to a bunch’a eurotrash pasty-ass white boys at Symantec with no respec’. You need to be gettin’ some real security, mah man.

Ya need to be hanging’ in tha club with my nephew “DJ Ligatt.” He be like you, man: he done a few months in prison, he seen the big house from tha inside. He’s cool, bro, you can trust his word to the mother. His shizzle ain’t da fizzle. Don’t pay no heed to those whack songs that ‘dis DJ Ligatt for

rampant plagiarism and stock manipulation
snitching to the feds and made-up creds
SLAPP suits and cases moot, and
making a black woman white when she complains about stereotype

When DJ Ligatt opens his mouth, you gonna see pure 24 karat on his teeth, you hearin’ me? His words be laminated, not contaminated. When he speaks, he’s talkin’ gold-plated wisdom.

Snoop, you wouldn’t had these problems if you’d hooked up with DJ Ligatt in tha first place! Mah man’s got a full line of products for the hip-hop industry. You gotta stop hangin’ with tha wrong crowd, DawgDogg.

That’s what I’m talkin’ bout. Peace out!