May 15 2009


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Dossier summary: popped out of thin air in early 1999 to predict a virus might destroy the Internet if it set clocks to Y2K before Y2K. Later claimed they found a clock-forwarding Y2K virus, but they didn’t reveal it to antivirus firms. Now the media’s primary source for absurdly precise virus damage guesstimates, having taken over the job from Computer Economics, Inc. Took a one-year sabbatical from hysteria after the ILoveYou virus failed to destroy the Internet. Tried with limited success to ride on the coattails of a supposed China-U.S. cyberwar and the Code Red worm in mid-2001. “Documents” ficticious cyber-terrorism related to the 9/11/01 terrorism attacks.

Accuses detractors of giving uninformed opinions, deviating from acceptable journalism, committing outright libel, and engaging in unethical competition. A press release “urge[s]” gullible reporters to “[use] caution when reading negative commentary against mi2g, which may have been clandestinely funded, aided or abetted by a vendor or a special interest group.” Insists “trusted web sites” issued “ransom demands” of up to $1 million “to decommission a negative publicity campaign” launched against them. Failed to identify any “trusted web sites” at the time, but they did later point a finger at sister site Vmyths. Specifically accuses Vmyths of libel, extortion, inciting hate, privacy invasion, and telephone harrassment. Threatened to sue Vmyths in 2002 for “publishing material about mi2g which is not true and illfounded.” Made another “cease and desist” demand in 2004. (Vmyths has issued no retractions to date.)

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