Jun 24 2008


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SecurityCritics.org began in January 2006 as a replacement newsletter for Vmyths, a critically acclaimed website. Vmyths co-founder Rob Rosenberger realized the site was exceeding its original charter to debunk computer security hysteria. SecurityCritics.org is now chartered to provide truthful, independent criticism of the computer security industrial complex. We take no prisoners; we pull no punches; and we refuse computer security ads in order to maintain our independence.


SecurityCritics.org refuses com­pu­ter secu­rity ads in order to main­tain our inde­pendence.

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Rob RosenbergerRob Rosenberger edits SecurityCritics.org and writes as a columnist. He is one of the “original” virus experts from the 1980s, and the first to work full-time as a critic of the computer security industrial complex. Red Herring magazine describes him as “one of the most visible and cursed critics in computer security” today, and PC World magazine says he “is merciless with self-appointed virus experts and the credulous publications that quote them.” Rosenberger was one of only a dozen industry experts invited to the White House’s first-ever antivirus summit meeting.


Our major columnists:

Mea Culpa is a pseudonym editor/columnist who corrects and clarifies things for the record here at SecurityCritics.org. We publicly correct our errors — because “truthful” is the first word in our website slogan.